Evolve Hair Volumizer for thinning hair: case study


At Reflections Family Hair I have several clients who have fine thin hair. They struggle with having volume and thickness.

The Evolve Volumizer is intregrated into your hair, it's 100% human hair. You can add volume and even different colors to your natural hair without chemicals. At your consultation you get to see all the color options and hair textures. We talk about your wants and needs for your hair, then we decide what is your best option. The intial price includes your Volumizer, getting it set, haircut, style and education on how to take care of your new fabulous hair! After you have your Evolve Volumizer set, you come back every 4-5 weeks and have it taken out and reset.

 Now Diane has fuller, thicker hair and no longer can see her scalp. She commented a couple of times right after she got to see the finished look that she like how thick it was! She was also impressed with how natural it looked!

I am very excited about being a Evolve Volumizing Certified Stylist! I love the smiles I get and the confidence you can see in women who have battled thin hair once they see their new Volumizer.

 Feel free to ask me questions! I'd love to give you all the information. After all, we know women feel better about themselves if the are having a "good hair day"! With a Volumizer you will have a "good hair day" EVERYDAY!

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